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Kadaj, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children


I'm really just trying to write out stuff...now that I've learned to manage my time a little more... >__> Okay, well not managed, but sleeping late and doing that sort of stuff before I go in to work. lol

I just finished updating that new fic I've got going so far...
Chapter 3 is already in the works...and I hope I can actually finish this one and update my other forgotten fics. XD

I dunno if I'll be working tomorrow or not...Alan said if he could work for me, and I was like, "Are you being serious?" 'Cause the guy usually just says stuff to play around. And he was like, "Yea I'm serious." I was like, "Okay...if you want to, I guess..." But he said he'd call tomorrow. X3 I don't exactly know if he'll be calling me or not but I hope I don't have to go in so I can actually clean my room. hahah Not like I can't do it before I go to work, but I like doing my chores in the afternoon so I can crank up the music. Music helps me concentrate more...so yea. In the mornings I can't because my mom is asleep since she works at night. lol I realize that I always have to put, 'she works at night'...I don't want to make her seem like she sleeps in and is lazy...because she's not. I love her loads and she's literally my best friend.
I wish she'd quit that damn job already...working at night is basically just wearing her out loads. I want her to take better care of herself and such...and also my dad.

And yes, I broke off with Oscar a looong time ago. lol Maybe not THAT long ago, but still. It's a relief. It still sorta seems like we're going out or something 'cause he still comes over to our house...
And he's trying to get me to say yes...to get back together. But no, I just don't...FEEL anything for him. Maybe just as a friend, but not anything more.

Anyway...on other matters...
My cat is driving me nuts. lol All it does is meow all morning. Why can't it just curl up on the bed and leave me alone? haha Sounds like I'm being cruel, but yes! It never wants to stay put. This cat is like my sister...can't stay still. I loved my other cat. He was calm and not that feisty. (if I spelled that word right)

It snowed today. XD It was pretty cool. I loved it even if none of it stuck. DX

Work is going pretty good...but the money is now going toward my new bed and dressers...damn. $1,400. Shit...
I wanted a better car, that's what I wanted. Either that, or a new computer. XD

-sigh- Enough of that. I've gotta go to sleep now. X3 And pick up my paycheck tomorrow if I don't work in the afternoon.


I'm glad you broke it off with Oscar! He seemed so frustrating. @_@

Our cats should switch places! He doesn't meow anymore...just makes some strange squirrel chittery noises. xDD
XD It was.

hahah, seriously? Squirrel noises. XD Maybe he's actually half squirrel? -gets shot-
How old is your cat?

He's 5 years old now- which is a long time now that I think about it. He's not a kitten anymore. ;_; It seems like just yesterday that I picked up his bug-eyed little butt from the vet!
5 years old? Dang. XD Aw, bug-eyed. heheh