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Right now is so exciting. :D

Spain qualified for the South African World Cup not too long ago, and now Mexico has qualified as well! :'D I'm just so happy right now. lol Mexico won against El Salvador 4-1 to secure Mexico a spot for the world cup! Also Spain won against Armenia 2-1.
Two teams I go for really did well.

There's also other teams I go for that also won today. Like Ukraine and Uruguay. Ukraine took a victory over England 1-0, and Uruguay took one over Ecuador 2-1.

I'm just really excited over the world cup finally starting up again! I remember back in 2006, not really caring much for soccer at all(with the exception of watching a team from the Mexican league called Cruz Azul every once in a while and when Mexico played also). It was in Mexico, when I saw all of this craze about the Mexican national soccer team and then finally I found out that the World Cup was going on. I found myself wanting to watch all of the games they broadcasted and even going for teams that I didn't even know about.
The team that impressed me was Ukraine, as they were the underdogs of the competition and they were doing great, but eventually all of the teams I was going for got eliminated and I found myself rooting for France when France and Italy faced off for the world cup finals.

France lost, and I was saddened by that.

But ever since then, I've been waiting for the World Cup to come around again. It's been almost four years already and I'm really, really ready to watch it!!

Even if Mexico doesn't win, there will still be more teams I'll cheer on! :'D

So let's go Mexico! :3 Nos vamos al mundial, nos vamos al mundial!!!!!!!!