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Dec. 9th, 2007


Stuff...and stuff...

I went to work today after having Friday and Saturday off. I got there at 8:00AM and no one was there. I called the manager and I woke him from sleep. I had to wait about 40 minutes for him to get there and open the door. I swept and moped and did some other stuff before starting on the breads. Of course by then two people had gotten there...then another person. But then Laura went home and it was just me, Delaney and Jose. The manager had left as well...it was pretty tough since I was on the other side of making the sandwiches. >__<

Though the good thing is that after the manager got back at around 3:30PM I got to leave. So then I went home and changed to go to Adriana's house to play KOF. hahah, it felt weird dropping in all of the sudden at first. But then it was pretty cool. I took Sammy and Treni along with me.
And so...

I finally got to play KOF XI. X3
It was pretty awesome. It's sorta fast-paced and that's cool. Ash and Beni still fight pretty well. Eiji (or however you spell it) is just awesome. Haven't played as him since 95.
Although I just couldn't beat Magaki. Or whatever his name is. He's such a cheap boss. XD Like if KOF never has cheap bosses. And I thought Krizalid was hard to beat. Or even Mukai.

And I agree with some of the other people who think that it's the best since '98. Well, I thought KOF 2003 was way better than '98.
I like it 'cause my two favorite characters are on it. I might buy a PS2 and stuff just so I can play KOF and SH 3 on it. :3

Oh, and that damn Xbox360 did that 3 lights of death or whatever on me. So stupid. >_____<

I'm really beginning to hate those stupid xboxes.

Ah...well I might go over to her house or invite her to mine and stuff. Though she's not really much of a gamer. Come to think of it, none of the friends I had in school were. I dunno why I didn't hang out with people who did things I did. lol

Nov. 28th, 2007



I started work today. X3 About time they called me. lol I send in applications and no one ever calls me. _o_

Though I guess they need people. lol I went in at 8:30AM and got out at about 4:57...heck, I'll just stay 5:00.

But yea...it's kinda easy. Though not at lunch time. Geez, I wish the manager would just lock the door and say that they're closed. I feet hurt. T___T

So yea...I work at Shlotzkey's or something like that. I dunno how to spell it yet. ^^;

I did a little bit of everything...making the sandwiches and stuff...cleaning off tables and sweeping. I hate going out there 'cause everyone just stares at you. lol

I don't think I'll be going to Adriana's house any time soon...but I'll try. 'Cause I really want to play KOF XI.

And I need to call her...I meant to call her for her birthday...and go over there, but I didn't have a b-day present, anyway...

And that was October 12th. Dang.

Shiiiit...I'm gonna have to go in at 8:00AM tomorrow. Though...the manager said he wasn't going to be there. lol So maybe I can sneak by with going at 8:30...'cause I don't have a car to go in since my mom works at night and sometimes doesn't get home 'till 9:00AM or so...

Anyway...surprisingly, I had a good time. XD I actually kinda like it there. They're not too strict. And besides...when it's the afternoon, you hardly get any customers. 8D That's a good thing.

Nov. 26th, 2007


Week full of awesome games

So Friday I got a PSP and Silent Hill Origins.

I want to go over what I thought about the game.

Personally, first off, I thought that the Climax group that Konami handed over the project to was just a rip-off of the series.
There were so many things that I thought were so a-like from all of the other games. Like, for example, the 'Butcher'. It's like a Pyramid head rip-off. Except that he doesn't rape the monsters, he just kills them for pleasure.

What I found annoying was the game play. Those stupid monsters kept jumping onto me and clinging onto me.
And the breakable weapons? oh, please. How can a hammer break that easily? Even a Katana breaks. And there weren't really too many health drinks and first aid kits to go around.

I was about to give up on it up until I got to the motel alternate part. Then I got to thinking that it does its part in giving you a good scare. In the end, I really liked it despite that not many things came from Climax from scratch. Well, the flashbacks and going through mirrors was, but almost everything else...
And now that I think about it, that's actually how all the SH games are. Well, sort of. They have to adapt some stuff from the other versions.

And today, I finally finished beating it. XD I think everyone gets the good ending on their first time finishing the game, so there wasn't anything special I had to do to beat it.

It took me about 5 hours to beat it all together. It was pretty cool.

It goes straight into the first Silent Hill game.

I hope Climax doesn't mess up Silent Hill 5 and give it breakable weapons. >__<

But...overall, I think they stayed true to the Silent Hill fans in the end. :D


Also, I checked on King of Fighters XI on Ebgames.com and found that they had it in stock at the store near where I live. So today I bought it. X3 Even though I have no PS2. I'll probably go to Adriana's house and tell her to play KOF XI with me. 8D
Since she's the only friend that I know who has a PS2. Well...it's her brothers but I hope that they don't mind me going over there. ;P

That's if I can ever go. >__<
HE'S always at my house in the afternoons so...yea. -__-;

Also, rock band looks pretty cool. I got to play the guitar and the drums. Though the drums are harder than I thought they'd be.
I think I'll stick with Guitar Hero II and play 'Freebird' 'till I get tired of it. lol

Oct. 18th, 2007


Pretty cool...

I took a bath...early...then when my brother got home from school, I told him to take a bath since I was going to attempt to straighten his hair. I straightened mine, then his. It was very hard since he has thick hair...then painted his nails, then mine...but then I washed dishes and it got flaky. lol It was pretty cool since me and my brother are very close.

So yea...I went to the Silverstein concert. X3 I really loved it. (despite of all of the pushing-which I know is part of the fun...and it was fun pushing other people-just not when they pushed me XP)
I went with my brother and my friend, Oscar. It was really fun. :3 Even Oscar, (who has probably never gone to a rock concert before) enjoyed it. XD
My mom always asks me, what are you going to dance to? I'm like, mom, there is no dancing there. hahah

I took some pictures, but my camera sucks ass (or maybe it's just me).
And also video, but damn camera can't take THAT much noise. lol

They played my favorite song, Discovering the Waterfront. heheh Loved it. Almost everyone in there was singing that song.

On some random note...I'm surprised that my hair cooperated with me...it wasn't frizzy. xD

The concert...we probably got there at about 8:00PM...and I think Dance Gavin Dance had just finished playing. Then Strike Anywhere, then From Autumn to Ashes...and then it was Silverstein. It ended around 11:08PM or something like that.
To be honest, I didn't really know some of Silverstein's songs 'cause I never really bothered to listen to the new album much. XD Too busy listening to their second album.

Ahh...it was nice, though. XD My feet were extremely tired since I hadn't sat down there or anything. And all of the smoke from the cigarettes was putting me to sleep. lol And also the red bull I drank. Instead of giving me energy, those things make my feel kinda sleepy. @____@

Anyway...yes, I had fun-for once this year. lol
And I just barely looked up that Chevelle is coming in November...might go to that...since (I think) they haven't released anything new...I should know most of their songs. xD

Silverstein pic

Silverstein pic
Originally uploaded by benvash
Pretty cool...

Sep. 10th, 2007

Kadaj, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children


So, yea...things aren't really going too well for me today. lol
I went for an appointment at Learn for a lady named Gloria to help me with the financial aid stuff. I guess I'll be starting in January or something...need to take the accuplacer...and will most definitely be taking the math portion of it. T_____T But she says that the reading and writing part I will exempt since I got good scores on TAKS in my high school years.
I need to make a mental note to go take it sometime this week...that, and get a copy of my pin number for the college...damn it...I keep loosing things. >__<
Anyway...I was heading home, but then decided to take a detour and go to Walmart to buy that magazine featuring the Silent Hill 5 preview thingy.
I got on the freeway and...

A pigeon got right in front of the car while I was driving, (I was going about 60MPH) and it just crashed into my front bumper. I was like, SHIIIIIT!! I felt really bad. I checked my rear-view mirror to see if it was somewhere on the road behind, but I saw nothing.

So I got off the freeway to 50th street and parked at United Supermarkets to see if there was any blood(and to get some dinero from my savings account), but what I saw was even worse. IT was still on my car! It's wing was stuck to my light and I had to take it off with my foot! That was sad and gross at the same time. I felt sooo bad. :( I thought it was gonna come back alive and start attacking me. -___-;

I better not go anywhere else today...
I probably will, but I'll be more cautious.

Ah...well shit happens. XD
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Jun. 9th, 2007


Frets on Fire

I downloaded this awesome Guitar Hero clone. XD Called Frets on Fire.
I like it, but my computer always laaaaaags loads when I'm playing it. When I miss a note, I blame the computer. lol

Love playing most of the songs, and even tried out Promise by Akira Yamaoka, but it's on Amazing...which is the hardest level. The easiest and my most used level is Supaeasy. X3

I've been trying to make my own challenge with the song editor. Though I have to convert the files to .ogg files first. XD And when I mess up the whole song mutes, instead of just the guitar part since I don't have the background music and just the guitar part. It's not too easy making your own. lol I can barely make about 1 minute off Elliotts 'Lie Close'. And I'm sort of stuck on what to do after this...hard part. >_<

Meh...I'm still waiting for my Elliott, U.S. Songs CD. Might come in tomorrow...or Monday...Like I mentioned last time. Can't wait for that. XD

Anyway...I finally posted the fic on FF.net...this time, mainly basing it on Kyo. Who will be very confused about his sexuality and stuff...when 'someone else' comes along. Along with loads of
lemon' stuff in it, too. Should be interesting. :3

I went to an interview on the 8th...had to dress properly and stuff. Me and my mom left at around 4:20 and stuff. I didn't get out of there 'till about 6:30. Damn! And there was still a main interview if I got accepted.
The job...well, the main job was to sell cutco. Knives and kitchen ware. I didn't really want to go around selling stuff, so yea...when that lady asked me if I'd be interested in getting into the job, I was like..."Umm...I don't know..."
So I left it at that. The interview person called me back just as I got home, and was like, you have enough time to think about it? I was like, no...
She was like, okay, then if you change your mind, just call us back.
I was like...okay...

I might as well go to Tinseltown to apply there. Our car insurance lady gave me the name of the other lady that works at Tinseltown so I could have a chance in getting hired. Maybe I'll go to that tomorrow. That, and Adriana's house. I need to go pick up that game I let her borrow.

I kinda miss that my cousin went off to Pennsylvania. Hopefully she calls so she can inform me about stuff. XD

Also, I didn't send my ZEN in after all. Damn thing. Well, I'll just buy me another one...we might, or might not go to Mexico again this summer. We might just go for two weeks only then come back. It's been weird so far.
Pedro's been calling me everyday. I mean, is that neccessary? lol I know...I just don't feel like talking every single day. Though...it's kinda nice in a way. :3

Ah...well, better go to sleep and stuff...I want to wake up early and maybe go somewhere instead of staying home. Might go to Hastings or somewhere just to look around and not be bored at home...
I'll see what I'll do...

Jun. 6th, 2007

Lisa video

Electronics...and other stuff

I've been having problems with my ZEN...ever since I updated to the latest firmware version. It just keeps freezing-even if I'm rebuilding and stuff. It stays frozen, even if I press the reset button at the bottom. It finally turns off when the battery life runs out. I also need a new computer...but that's another subject that I could go on forever with. lol
I even opened my ZEN up and stuff. Hard drive is actually the same as my computer's. XD Just smaller with less space.

I sent two emails to them(and I had to wait about 24 hours or more for each time just to get a reply) just to get some RMA number so I could send it to them to see if they could fix it. Though, I got it packed in a box and everything, I'm having second thoughts about it.
IF they do decide to fix it, the stupid one year warranty will run on the 12th of this month. Which is in 6 days. -__-;

THEN, what would happen is that by the time it takes for the ZEN to get there, it will probably already expire. THEN, I would have to pay for the repairs and everything. If that's the case, then I should just buy a new one......

Anyway...I called for an interview at this place. They pay 12 dollars an hour. Hey, maybe I'll get the job. X3 Then maybe I can get myself a new one. X3

I've still been talking to that guy. We have absolutely, like, no same interests. lol He likes to dress up cowboy-ish, and I don't even like cowboy stuff. lol hahahah He wanted for me to call him when I got up, but I got up at 2:00PM X3 So I didn't call him. ^^;
I know, I'm lazy. lol

Ah, well I finished SH2...the other day. I think it was yesterday. It took me about 7 hours to finish it. lol Or so that's what the rank screen says. I got the 'Leave' ending. Awesome, although I wanted the 'Maria' ending. XD
*Spoiler* here, but I don't get how Maria could 'die' three times in that game. >_<

Also...I bought the Elliott, U.S. Songs CD from Best Buy with that gift card I got from school. Awesome. I should arrive tomorrow...or maybe Friday, or even Monday. Stupid UPS can't ever seem to find our house, though. Might take longer if they return it to UPS and we have to go pick it up like last time we had to pick up what my aunt sent us from Georgia.

Almost forgot! X3 Beni's birthday! X3 Well, I posted that it was on dA, but on here. lol Happy b0day for him! *hugs him to death*

Meh...well, I'll be waiting for that...and I SO want a new MP3 player. XD I liked the ZEN a lot, even if it has been giving me problems lately. I cant wait to see what's in store for the next MP3 from Creative Labs. :3

Apr. 20th, 2007


Pretty fun. :)

I didn't have to go to school 'till about 10:30. Boy, was that a mistake. lol I was in a big hurry to try to turn in my portfolio and I missed some things on my table of contents. I wouldn't have not did that if those damn laptop computers weren't so freakin' slow to start up! AND shut down. The one I had was barely shutting down and it took a heck of a time to do that. So I went to the library with my flash drive and printed what I had typed out. THEN, I proceeded to try to print my Product self-evaluation crap that I saved on the damn server. By the time I did that and organized it all, my senior seminar teacher was like, Maria, it's time to go turn it in as it is. So I was like, all right...
Then we went to the back gym. Had a nice little talk and stuff. I had completely forgotten about the damn permission form! I was like, fuck...
So then I told them I forgot it at home, so the assistant principal let me borrow her cell phone for a moment to call my mom and let her confirm that I could go. But, as always she wasn't answering. So, I was like, umm, yea she's not there. So the principal was like, that's OK, we can just say that she did. So they checked me off and we were good to go! :D

Well, not before taking a group photo of us who were here since kindergarten...that was pretty cool. Some people there I hadn't even noticed that were there in kindergarten. XD

So THEN the whole class of 2007 went out to have fun. lol Well, not really all that fun, but it was fun just being there with all of the people you've known since...well, some since kindergarten.
Went to the park to eat...kinda boring and such since there was practically nothing to do.

Then our cheap school took us to Joyland.(should've taken us to six flags or somethin') Which is basically just mainly for little kids...hmm...maybe about 14 year olds and stuff. We were like, the only people there. XD It was really good, though. Because it was just people from our 07 class with no annoying other grades around and other schools. It's kinda late me posting this...but yea. lol

Anyway, we went to it, and I didn't think about having too much fun. The bumper cars were awesome. I got on that loads of times more than any other ride(there wasn't much open, anyway). I got wet going on one of those water rides. My ass was still wet when I got home, but it was all right. :D

Well...school tomorrow...damn it. I wish they would've given us another day off...

Jan. 15th, 2007



I just yesterday, the Xbox messed up for good. Well, parcially my fault. I think my computer shuddered at that moment. lol I punched the Xbox 'cause it kept clicking and it wouldn't take the game...it was stuck or something, but it turns out that it doesn't work anymore. lol Besides that problem of it trying to burn out, I was very tired of it. Though, the good news is that my game did not get stuck in there-at the time, I had opened it...THEN hit it. lol I would usually hit it some for it to get working and stuff, but I guess this time I hit it too hard? Hmm...well another good thing is that my dad said that he would buy us another console. I'm hoping for a PS3...but I doubt it. Maybe a Xbox 360? Well, I'm kinda tired of Xboxes...but if it works fine without defects, I'll take it. XD

heheheh Now I'm left with a couple of Xbox games and two fully functional Xbox controllers...surprisingly.

This cold weather's been nice-well not nice, but I enjoy cold weather for some strange reason-even if it's just ice. Though, I hope it'll all get better 'cause this type of weather isn't good and causes loads of trouble...including frozen water pipes. *grumbles*

Meh, well...in other news, I've been working on some new stories...dealing with yaoi. lol I've been posting in Y!-Gallery...might post in FF.net but I'm not sure.

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