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Cool, but...

I finally bought a monitor for my computer. Actually, it's a TV, but will mostly serve as my computer monitor. I connect it with the HDMI cord so it's cool.

Though I still need to buy a computer desk or something. lol The furniture I bought isn't really what I wanted...only because my mom suggested it. I was like, whatever...

The dresser with the mirror or whatever it's called is huge...and that one thing for the TV doesn't even work for me. I could put my TV inside it, but it's just a 19" and it looks weird. And besides, it has doors so I have to open and close them and that's just frustrating for me. My bed takes up a lot of space in my room...so I really have no space at all like I used to. I'm sharing my room with my sister now so yea...

Hardly any privacy at all anymore. Well, like there was any in the first place.

My laptop still works...well, only one if the USB cords work and that wasn't really working for me at all. I wanted to plug in something else but the keyboard kept it occupied since the keyboard with the laptop is still not working...I'm going to have to get that part from ebay or something. I still want to use it, but only when I go out of town like going to Mexico and stuff...

And gosh I need to draw SOMETHING. I was trying to draw some stuff but it just didn't work out and I haven't finished anything.

I get today off...I might as well say today since it's already 12:42AM so yea. I was supposed to get Monday off, too but I went to work 'cause I want to get more hours so I can pay off stuff and help my parents.
And gosh the gas is so high...T__T And my car hardly has any gas at all. lol

Saturday and Sunday I had to take this lady I work with to her house 'cause she has no car and no license and her brother doesn't want to pick her up from work.
My mom was pissed 'cause I came home late and didn't tell her that I took her home. Of course she had the right to be worried since it's about 13 minutes outside of town. lol It's still passed the school where I graduated from...and at night. I was sorta nervous and asked this other lady to accompany me. lol So yea...I can't take her home anymore...I feel really comfortable working with her and all, so it's going to suck. :(

I really don't like driving at night. Everything is just so different. It feels calmer and all, but still...

And yesterday was freakin' hot. T___T I miss winter season. Damn it. I hate Summer...it's still spring yet it feels like summer already.

*sigh* Anyway, enough of my rants...going to sleep. XD