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Escape the Fate

All right...so yeah! lol I'm kinda tired and stuff but it was so freakin' awesome!!!!!!!

I wasn't even sure if Escape the Fate was really going to come! Since when I bought the tickets, I didn't see their name on it but I thought, since they joined the tour at the last moment.

But yeah, the doors opened at 6:30PM and my brother, my sister and I were still at home. lol We didn't leave until about 6:50 or so and we got there around 7:20-ish. I feared that Escape the Fate had already played but I realized that the concert had barely began. The Sleepless(I think that's what their name was) was the first band to play. I didn't know them of course but they sounded pretty cool. They said one of their songs was on Guitar Hero 3. They stopped playing at about 8:00 or so... but Escape the Fate probably didn't start until about 8:30. They were testing the equipment for the longest time ever. lol

And when they finally showed up, it was the start of an awesome concert. They really turn it up!! I mean, it was just really cool. I can't describe it in words. lol
When they played The Flood and 10 Miles Wide, it was super crazy, everyone mosh pitting against each other and stuff. Craig(former vocalist of Blessthefall) the vocalist, said in-between the song, "Lubbock...I've never been here before." And, "You guys are brutal." Because everyone was just going crazy. lol

Well, Craig was freakin' awesome. lol He ended up hanging from the ceiling thingy and sung the rest of the last song there with his shirt off. I was like, wow!! @__@

But I've gotta tell ya, Max(the bassist) is the best. lol He's the only one that came out to greet the fans.
A pic my sister took of Max:

My sister was like, all nervous and shy(I was VERY surprised, I thought she'd go over there by herself since she's so outgoing and stuff) and I was telling here to go up to him and ask him for a handshake or something. She was like, "No!" I kept pushing her forward and stuff. I told her, "Treni, this is a once in a lifetime thing..." And after I told her that, she kinda lightened up and moved forward. Thanks to me(YES, Treni thanks to me), she got to meet him and get a handshake and a hug. I got a hug and handshake as well, but I didn't get all giddy like she did. lmao

She was like, "I am NEVER washing this shirt ever again!!"

Yeah, this concert was really, really awesome.
Ateryu and Hollywood Undead were going to play next, but we decided to leave. hah

Anyway, I better get some sleep and stuff 'cause I have to go to work tomorrow...I have to go in the afternoon, but yeah I just feel tired. lol