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Well, first off, I feel confident that Mexico will win the Gold Cup against the U.S. on Sunday at 2:00PM. 8D

I saw an awesome game just last night...a couple of hours ago actually. The game started at 9:00 on Thursday and didn't end 'till almost 12:00 because they went to two extra times of 15 minutes then to penalty kicks. Mexico won miraculously with Guillermo Ochoa saving one of Costa Rica's shots and then Carlos Vela finishing off the game by making the fifth shot.

It was a very intense, nerve-wrecking game. XD Mexico played well...WAY better than they had been playing months ago. Let's just hope that they do well in the next few games...two of which they will encounter the U.S...

Yeah, that's one thing I'm excited about. The other thing is that my car might be ready by tomorrow! Yes! XD I can't wait. I've missed my car loads. :( Especially since I saw a blue Trans Am that parked in front of where I work at today and reminded me of my car. I want to sell it but don't get me wrong, I do love the car, just that I just feel unhappy about it most of the time but engine-wise and stuff it's still running strong. I've gone up to 120MPH on it. Shh!! ;)
I called in the afternoon and asked as to when they'd think it'd be ready. I guess they just say that to make me feel content but I really do hope that I get it back tomorrow. But that also means I'll have to cough up the money tomorrow...dang it.

I've been thinking of changing my mind in selling it but things like the paint and some interior work that needs to be done hold back that thought of not selling it. Robert's friend keeps asking about it so I dunno.

Meh...well whatever happens, happens. :D

Oh yeah, and I got my hair cut by Yesenia on Wednesday. Took a hell of a lot of time but it looks pretty good. I got a couple of blue highlights in my hair as well. I wanted to get more but I guess that'll have to wait 'till next time. I was hoping not to see Kristy but that's who I first encountered and who first commented on my hair. Kristy's usually the one who cuts my hair, often for free and last time $5 (that compared to the $25 that Yesenia charged me) and I didn't want to hurt her feelings or anything but yeah...first thing she asked was who had colored my hair. Kristy and Yesenia don't get along as it is so yeah...but I hope she didn't get mad or anything. lol

And I desperately want to draw, but I seem to have forgotten how. D: Not good huh? Well, I guess I'll have to be drawing in my spare time to not get too rusty. XD

Oh yes, and KOF XII came out already...I want to buy it!! 8D I dunno if that's going to happen any time soon seeing as I want to go to that concert in August. But we'll see about that. ;D