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El Carro

So my car,(A 1998 Pontiac Trans Am) finally arrived today. XD I guess my uncle got here around 6:30PM or so...and it sorta sucked that it was raining and I couldn't really test it out like I wanted to. Plus, the car is really low to the ground. lol And Lubbock was sorta flooding already when I was test driving it.

It really needs some interior work, (and the stupid guy we bought it from took out the damn front speakers for some reason so I only have the back ones...and also, the damn idiot didn't bother to put the screws back in, so the door thingy is sorta loose) also, the seats are leather and look really dirty. And also, it sorta gets wet from the window...it's convertible so it's kinda cool. Everything else, except for the air conditioning works pretty well, though. I dunno I'm sorta regretting having bought this one instead of that red one that was well taken care of. If I have the time and money I'm gonna try to fix it up as much as possible. It looks pretty from the outside and stuff so it's all good. And the CD player works...well, not boasting that, but it actually reads the CDs burned by my computer on Windows Vista. That's what I was hoping for so I could burn more CDs with my favorite music.

Overall, I like the car besides the small defects it has. I have a feeling that the car was actually red before it was dark green. It kinda shows and stuff from the doors and a chipped spot. I guess they painted it 'cause they were paying too much insurance since it's convertible and it's a sports car.

I'm really excited about driving it around tomorrow if it's not raining and stuff 'cause when I was driving it around today, it was raining sorta hard and since I'm not used to driving it yet. I have to seriously get a dang pillow and put it behind me or something. lol I'm not used to driving so far back. lol

Well, I've gotta sleep now...I want to wake up early in the morning so I can get stuff done before going to work. X3