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Nov. 21st, 2010



First time Underoath ever played in Lubbock. XD Was exciting. The first band was A Perfect Weather for a Stranger, the second was Colossus of Rhodes, the third was The Word Alive, and the headlining band of course, Underoath.

It was pretty awesome! My sister was angry because A Day to Remember didn't come with them since they are touring with them at the moment. :/ And some other band that I can't recall. lol But yeah.

Oct. 16th, 2009


Escape the Fate

All right...so yeah! lol I'm kinda tired and stuff but it was so freakin' awesome!!!!!!!

I wasn't even sure if Escape the Fate was really going to come! Since when I bought the tickets, I didn't see their name on it but I thought, since they joined the tour at the last moment.

But yeah, the doors opened at 6:30PM and my brother, my sister and I were still at home. lol We didn't leave until about 6:50 or so and we got there around 7:20-ish. I feared that Escape the Fate had already played but I realized that the concert had barely began. The Sleepless(I think that's what their name was) was the first band to play. I didn't know them of course but they sounded pretty cool. They said one of their songs was on Guitar Hero 3. They stopped playing at about 8:00 or so... but Escape the Fate probably didn't start until about 8:30. They were testing the equipment for the longest time ever. lol

And when they finally showed up, it was the start of an awesome concert. They really turn it up!! I mean, it was just really cool. I can't describe it in words. lol
When they played The Flood and 10 Miles Wide, it was super crazy, everyone mosh pitting against each other and stuff. Craig(former vocalist of Blessthefall) the vocalist, said in-between the song, "Lubbock...I've never been here before." And, "You guys are brutal." Because everyone was just going crazy. lol

Well, Craig was freakin' awesome. lol He ended up hanging from the ceiling thingy and sung the rest of the last song there with his shirt off. I was like, wow!! @__@

But I've gotta tell ya, Max(the bassist) is the best. lol He's the only one that came out to greet the fans.
A pic my sister took of Max:

My sister was like, all nervous and shy(I was VERY surprised, I thought she'd go over there by herself since she's so outgoing and stuff) and I was telling here to go up to him and ask him for a handshake or something. She was like, "No!" I kept pushing her forward and stuff. I told her, "Treni, this is a once in a lifetime thing..." And after I told her that, she kinda lightened up and moved forward. Thanks to me(YES, Treni thanks to me), she got to meet him and get a handshake and a hug. I got a hug and handshake as well, but I didn't get all giddy like she did. lmao

She was like, "I am NEVER washing this shirt ever again!!"

Yeah, this concert was really, really awesome.
Ateryu and Hollywood Undead were going to play next, but we decided to leave. hah

Anyway, I better get some sleep and stuff 'cause I have to go to work tomorrow...I have to go in the afternoon, but yeah I just feel tired. lol

Oct. 10th, 2009



Right now is so exciting. :D

Spain qualified for the South African World Cup not too long ago, and now Mexico has qualified as well! :'D I'm just so happy right now. lol Mexico won against El Salvador 4-1 to secure Mexico a spot for the world cup! Also Spain won against Armenia 2-1.
Two teams I go for really did well.

There's also other teams I go for that also won today. Like Ukraine and Uruguay. Ukraine took a victory over England 1-0, and Uruguay took one over Ecuador 2-1.

I'm just really excited over the world cup finally starting up again! I remember back in 2006, not really caring much for soccer at all(with the exception of watching a team from the Mexican league called Cruz Azul every once in a while and when Mexico played also). It was in Mexico, when I saw all of this craze about the Mexican national soccer team and then finally I found out that the World Cup was going on. I found myself wanting to watch all of the games they broadcasted and even going for teams that I didn't even know about.
The team that impressed me was Ukraine, as they were the underdogs of the competition and they were doing great, but eventually all of the teams I was going for got eliminated and I found myself rooting for France when France and Italy faced off for the world cup finals.

France lost, and I was saddened by that.

But ever since then, I've been waiting for the World Cup to come around again. It's been almost four years already and I'm really, really ready to watch it!!

Even if Mexico doesn't win, there will still be more teams I'll cheer on! :'D

So let's go Mexico! :3 Nos vamos al mundial, nos vamos al mundial!!!!!!!!

Jul. 24th, 2009



Well, first off, I feel confident that Mexico will win the Gold Cup against the U.S. on Sunday at 2:00PM. 8D

I saw an awesome game just last night...a couple of hours ago actually. The game started at 9:00 on Thursday and didn't end 'till almost 12:00 because they went to two extra times of 15 minutes then to penalty kicks. Mexico won miraculously with Guillermo Ochoa saving one of Costa Rica's shots and then Carlos Vela finishing off the game by making the fifth shot.

It was a very intense, nerve-wrecking game. XD Mexico played well...WAY better than they had been playing months ago. Let's just hope that they do well in the next few games...two of which they will encounter the U.S...

Yeah, that's one thing I'm excited about. The other thing is that my car might be ready by tomorrow! Yes! XD I can't wait. I've missed my car loads. :( Especially since I saw a blue Trans Am that parked in front of where I work at today and reminded me of my car. I want to sell it but don't get me wrong, I do love the car, just that I just feel unhappy about it most of the time but engine-wise and stuff it's still running strong. I've gone up to 120MPH on it. Shh!! ;)
I called in the afternoon and asked as to when they'd think it'd be ready. I guess they just say that to make me feel content but I really do hope that I get it back tomorrow. But that also means I'll have to cough up the money tomorrow...dang it.

I've been thinking of changing my mind in selling it but things like the paint and some interior work that needs to be done hold back that thought of not selling it. Robert's friend keeps asking about it so I dunno.

Meh...well whatever happens, happens. :D

Oh yeah, and I got my hair cut by Yesenia on Wednesday. Took a hell of a lot of time but it looks pretty good. I got a couple of blue highlights in my hair as well. I wanted to get more but I guess that'll have to wait 'till next time. I was hoping not to see Kristy but that's who I first encountered and who first commented on my hair. Kristy's usually the one who cuts my hair, often for free and last time $5 (that compared to the $25 that Yesenia charged me) and I didn't want to hurt her feelings or anything but yeah...first thing she asked was who had colored my hair. Kristy and Yesenia don't get along as it is so yeah...but I hope she didn't get mad or anything. lol

And I desperately want to draw, but I seem to have forgotten how. D: Not good huh? Well, I guess I'll have to be drawing in my spare time to not get too rusty. XD

Oh yes, and KOF XII came out already...I want to buy it!! 8D I dunno if that's going to happen any time soon seeing as I want to go to that concert in August. But we'll see about that. ;D

Aug. 10th, 2008


El Carro

So my car,(A 1998 Pontiac Trans Am) finally arrived today. XD I guess my uncle got here around 6:30PM or so...and it sorta sucked that it was raining and I couldn't really test it out like I wanted to. Plus, the car is really low to the ground. lol And Lubbock was sorta flooding already when I was test driving it.

It really needs some interior work, (and the stupid guy we bought it from took out the damn front speakers for some reason so I only have the back ones...and also, the damn idiot didn't bother to put the screws back in, so the door thingy is sorta loose) also, the seats are leather and look really dirty. And also, it sorta gets wet from the window...it's convertible so it's kinda cool. Everything else, except for the air conditioning works pretty well, though. I dunno I'm sorta regretting having bought this one instead of that red one that was well taken care of. If I have the time and money I'm gonna try to fix it up as much as possible. It looks pretty from the outside and stuff so it's all good. And the CD player works...well, not boasting that, but it actually reads the CDs burned by my computer on Windows Vista. That's what I was hoping for so I could burn more CDs with my favorite music.

Overall, I like the car besides the small defects it has. I have a feeling that the car was actually red before it was dark green. It kinda shows and stuff from the doors and a chipped spot. I guess they painted it 'cause they were paying too much insurance since it's convertible and it's a sports car.

I'm really excited about driving it around tomorrow if it's not raining and stuff 'cause when I was driving it around today, it was raining sorta hard and since I'm not used to driving it yet. I have to seriously get a dang pillow and put it behind me or something. lol I'm not used to driving so far back. lol

Well, I've gotta sleep now...I want to wake up early in the morning so I can get stuff done before going to work. X3

May. 21st, 2008



I haven't been doing much...and I also haven't really been working too much, either. lol Finally, I get two days off or at least just one day off each week. Though of course I'm not hitting 40 hours or just barely. lol That's the part I hate.


I seem to be in some sort of writer's block for my fics...it seems like I can't write anymore. Or that I'm writing in a different style or something that I just don't like. when I'm writing, and I re-read what I just wrote, I'm like WTF? I'm just making half-assed sentences and I don't really know what else to write.

I don't know, but I used to not get embarrassed about reading what I previously wrote in my earlier fics, but now I think of them as stupid, and well...stupid. I'm like, gosh, what the hell was I thinking? I guess I'm probably criticizing myself too much, but I just don't know...

Also, I have not been able to draw a thing since...well, since last year. What the hell...
I know I don't 'create' the art or anything, I'm just basically re-drawing the picture and try to make it look the same as the original one, but I really haven't been able to get myself to draw anything lately. It's like I'm not interested in drawing anymore...or writing as well.

And OMG, I want that car SO bad. It just makes me sad that I can't have the car I've always wanted...I can think back, like waaay back whenever I first started looking into those cars. I was probably about 12 or so...
And what sucks is that 'the ex' got a new truck not too long ago. He likes to show off. It just makes me hate him even more. I know I'm being a bit envious but still...

Also his comment about, "Look, Lolita, this is where you use two feet to drive." Almost like making fun of me. It's a manual transmission truck and I know that you have to use two feet.
The thing is, I drive using two feet on an automatic transmission car. My dad never told me that it was the wrong way to drive. My mom drives like that, so I guess it's okay for now. But hardly anyone else I know does this.
Actually, I found out that I have a faster reaction to hit the brake pedal with my other foot than with my right one. I was driving one day with just one foot(which I can do but I don't really trust myself and have to keep alert all the time while driving or I'll end up leaving my foot on the gas or something and screw up, like really. Once I was at a parking lot, ready to stop, but I forgot to remove my foot from the gas pedal and pressed it instead of the brake. So I could've hit a car if I had a car in front of me.


But yea...he still keeps bothering me and telling me that he's going to wait for me. He can wait all he wants but there's no way I would seriously date him again.

Although...for some reason I've been thinking a lot about Pedro...my other ex boyfriend. He's in Midland right now, but I just don't know why if I never actually liked him...well, maybe I did a little but I'm just so picky about guys. lol At this rate, I'll never get another boyfriend. lol
Except that he's so serious and thinks like an adult already. One day, (back when we were still going out) he told me that he would come over and play some video games with me and the next day, he told me that video games were for kids. I was like, WTF?
I just shouldn't get involved with either of them and just try to find someone new...
but it's so hard! If people hadn't presented those two guys to me, I STILL would not have a boyfriend.

I just want to find someone who at least has some interests I have and can agree with me when I say, I want to go snowboarding. Other people, including Pedro, Oscar, and my mom disagree. They're like, what's the point? I don't see any point or why she wants to buy a snowboard and blah, blah, blah...

And speaking of snowboarding, I really want the freaking 2K company or SOMEONE to make a good snowboarding game. Amped 2 has had it's time and I really just HATED Amped 3...

Well, enough of my rants...I'm going to try to sleep now. XD

Apr. 22nd, 2008


Cool, but...

I finally bought a monitor for my computer. Actually, it's a TV, but will mostly serve as my computer monitor. I connect it with the HDMI cord so it's cool.

Though I still need to buy a computer desk or something. lol The furniture I bought isn't really what I wanted...only because my mom suggested it. I was like, whatever...

The dresser with the mirror or whatever it's called is huge...and that one thing for the TV doesn't even work for me. I could put my TV inside it, but it's just a 19" and it looks weird. And besides, it has doors so I have to open and close them and that's just frustrating for me. My bed takes up a lot of space in my room...so I really have no space at all like I used to. I'm sharing my room with my sister now so yea...

Hardly any privacy at all anymore. Well, like there was any in the first place.

My laptop still works...well, only one if the USB cords work and that wasn't really working for me at all. I wanted to plug in something else but the keyboard kept it occupied since the keyboard with the laptop is still not working...I'm going to have to get that part from ebay or something. I still want to use it, but only when I go out of town like going to Mexico and stuff...

And gosh I need to draw SOMETHING. I was trying to draw some stuff but it just didn't work out and I haven't finished anything.

I get today off...I might as well say today since it's already 12:42AM so yea. I was supposed to get Monday off, too but I went to work 'cause I want to get more hours so I can pay off stuff and help my parents.
And gosh the gas is so high...T__T And my car hardly has any gas at all. lol

Saturday and Sunday I had to take this lady I work with to her house 'cause she has no car and no license and her brother doesn't want to pick her up from work.
My mom was pissed 'cause I came home late and didn't tell her that I took her home. Of course she had the right to be worried since it's about 13 minutes outside of town. lol It's still passed the school where I graduated from...and at night. I was sorta nervous and asked this other lady to accompany me. lol So yea...I can't take her home anymore...I feel really comfortable working with her and all, so it's going to suck. :(

I really don't like driving at night. Everything is just so different. It feels calmer and all, but still...

And yesterday was freakin' hot. T___T I miss winter season. Damn it. I hate Summer...it's still spring yet it feels like summer already.

*sigh* Anyway, enough of my rants...going to sleep. XD

Apr. 14th, 2008



So I got a new computer the other day. :3 Which was...I think it was Thursday.

It's pretty cool. It's an HP media something...can't remember right now. Though i just bought the tower. I'm using the TV in our living room as a monitor. lol I'll buy that monitor later when I finish paying off that bed set...

I finally get a day off from work tomorrow...or should I say today. Well, maybe. They might call me since they only have two people scheduled for tomorrow in the afternoon. Damn it.
I haven't had a day off since last, last Sunday...or was it the other, other, other Sunday? Hmm...it's been too long.

I want to go see Chevelle on the 20th...but I dunno. I don't have any money at the moment. XD

I'd better go to sleep already...I want to get up early in the morning so that I can do more stuff. :D

Mar. 14th, 2008


Work and stuff

Barely got off work...well, actually about almost an hour ago. lol But...I'm tried. And I'm probably going to work a double shift tomorrow since one person quit and the other person got fired. XD He threw a radio at another worker...hmm...

Crazy people. XD

Eh...well I've been trying to save up for my new computer. The other day, I was going to buy some games from Hastings, but then I thought, 'do I really need these games?' My answer was no. X3 So yea...

And man, I wanted to see that new movie that came out today... I think it's called Funny Games. It looks really good. I dunno I'll have to see what people say online...I'm not going to see it anytime soon 'cause I work afternoons and I'm not going to get a day off at all next week...sucks ass.

And there's Alan at work...he keeps asking me weird questions. lol Like, asking me, do I like this dude, or what type of guys do I like or how I like them...and asks me if I'm still going out with Oscar. I'm not and that's way better. heheh
And he's always teasing me, too. I don't know what's with this guy. Sometimes he can be pretty cool, but other days, he gets on my nerves. But yea...I'm wondering about that.

Not much else...just working and working. T___T

Mar. 7th, 2008

Kadaj, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children


I'm really just trying to write out stuff...now that I've learned to manage my time a little more... >__> Okay, well not managed, but sleeping late and doing that sort of stuff before I go in to work. lol

I just finished updating that new fic I've got going so far...
Chapter 3 is already in the works...and I hope I can actually finish this one and update my other forgotten fics. XD

I dunno if I'll be working tomorrow or not...Alan said if he could work for me, and I was like, "Are you being serious?" 'Cause the guy usually just says stuff to play around. And he was like, "Yea I'm serious." I was like, "Okay...if you want to, I guess..." But he said he'd call tomorrow. X3 I don't exactly know if he'll be calling me or not but I hope I don't have to go in so I can actually clean my room. hahah Not like I can't do it before I go to work, but I like doing my chores in the afternoon so I can crank up the music. Music helps me concentrate more...so yea. In the mornings I can't because my mom is asleep since she works at night. lol I realize that I always have to put, 'she works at night'...I don't want to make her seem like she sleeps in and is lazy...because she's not. I love her loads and she's literally my best friend.
I wish she'd quit that damn job already...working at night is basically just wearing her out loads. I want her to take better care of herself and such...and also my dad.

And yes, I broke off with Oscar a looong time ago. lol Maybe not THAT long ago, but still. It's a relief. It still sorta seems like we're going out or something 'cause he still comes over to our house...
And he's trying to get me to say yes...to get back together. But no, I just don't...FEEL anything for him. Maybe just as a friend, but not anything more.

Anyway...on other matters...
My cat is driving me nuts. lol All it does is meow all morning. Why can't it just curl up on the bed and leave me alone? haha Sounds like I'm being cruel, but yes! It never wants to stay put. This cat is like my sister...can't stay still. I loved my other cat. He was calm and not that feisty. (if I spelled that word right)

It snowed today. XD It was pretty cool. I loved it even if none of it stuck. DX

Work is going pretty good...but the money is now going toward my new bed and dressers...damn. $1,400. Shit...
I wanted a better car, that's what I wanted. Either that, or a new computer. XD

-sigh- Enough of that. I've gotta go to sleep now. X3 And pick up my paycheck tomorrow if I don't work in the afternoon.

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